CVHS AP human geography

To play the geography quiz click the orange bar that says Start Game. Then the first question will appear above the map and the orange bar will start counting down. Click on the area of the map that you think is the answer. If you do not see the answer on the map you can zoom in using the zoom control or by double clicking. The answer will appear after you click along with where you clicked. To continue click next location, continue until the geographic quiz is complete and all of the answers appear.

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Indus River
Caucasus Mountains
Himalaya Mountains
Lake Superior
Lake Huron
Alps Mountains
Mediterranean Sea
Chang/Yangtze River
Strait of Magellan
Ural Mountains
Strait of Gilbratar
Mekong River
Strait of Hormuz
Bosphorus Strait
Huang River
Ganges river
Atlas Mountains
Rocky Mountains
Drakensberg Mountains
Euphrates River
Lake Erie
Strait of Malacca
Lake Michigan
Tigris River
Rhine River
Appalachian Mountains
Panama Canal
Jordan River
Lake Ontario
St.Lawrence Seaway
Bab Al-Mandab Strait
Congo River
Mississippi River
Niger River
English Channel
Suez Canal
Persian Gulf
Gulf of Mexico
Nile River
North Sea
Thames River
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