How well do you know the Coachella Valley?

Can you answer these 9 questions about places in the Coachella Valley? Zoom into the map and click on the location to get it right?
To play the geography quiz click the orange bar that says Start Game. Then the first question will appear above the map and the orange bar will start counting down. Click on the area of the map that you think is the answer. If you do not see the answer on the map you can zoom in using the zoom control or by double clicking. The answer will appear after you click along with where you clicked. To continue click next location, continue until the geographic quiz is complete and all of the answers appear.

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If you want to dine, splurge or window shop, this street is the place
The only indoor shopping plaza in the desert
See the glass house here!
You are here...
Fly away to an international destination
Study here during the week, shop here on the weekend
Where can you shop and dine by a river?
100,000 people come here for a weekend.
This street, popular for dining, is closed down Thursday nights
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