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AP World Bodies ofWater and Rivers

AP World summer map test prep bodies of water and Rivers.

MNHS AP Human Geography Map Quiz #1- Political map

Hope this helps!! ***regions are the large areas on land

Week 2 Map Quiz Review

Granados Map Study

This is just a general study map that overlaps. Was lazy when made.

CVHS AP human geography

Week 1 Map Quiz Review

This review game includes all rivers, mountains, and chokepoints. Not included: Equator, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn, and the 12 regions of the world.

The Four Quarters of Jerusalem

What are the four quarters of the Old City of Jerusalem?

First Map Test

Знаешь ли ты города России?

Щелкни по предполагаемому местоположению города

Geography of Jerusalem

This quiz provides the approximate locations of important parts of Jerusalem. Navigate around the map or even explore the street view in order to understand the geography better. If the map doesn't show up, try a different browser.

US and Canada Major Cities

Asia and Oceania





svijet atrakcije


Viel Spaß

Newmarket Brochure Launch

Find the countries or places! Good luck!

Naifaru gethakuge location engeytha?

naifaru gethakuge location engey meehun balailan hedhi quiz eh.