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Japan Countries and Islands

South Korea, Russia, China, North Korea, Japan, Guam, Kyushu, Honshu, Skikoku, Hokkaido, Iwo Jima


French IV: Le Maghreb

World Music


SFD map test


Eco summit 2k17

South Asia Countries and Cities 2.0

2nd version, the earlier one is glitched

SFD Map Test 0607


Spain cities

Melilla Ceuta La Coruña Cádiz Granada Sevilla Málaga Madrid Barcelona Valencia Zaragoza Santander Bilbao Burgos Salamanca Pamplona Oviedo

South Asia Landforms

Coromandel Coast is the coast of the Southern part of India

South Asia Countries and Cities

*=Cities "My left stroke just went viral!" -Kendrick Lamar


His 122 map quiz

final exam study guide

China Waterways Quiz

Sea of Japan, East China Sea, South China Sea, Yellow Sea, Yellow River, Yangtze River, and Xi River

China Landforms Quiz

Mountains: Tian Shan, Himalayan, Kulun Shan, Greater and Lesser Khingan Deserts: Gobi, Taklimkan Plains: Manchurian, North China

China Cities Quiz

Beijing, Hong Kong, Nanjing, and Shanghai.

China Countries Quiz

Bhutan, Taiwan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Mongolia, N Korea, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Russia, Japan, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, Philippines, S Korea, Laos

roman civ final quiz