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Africa Map Test


Geog301 2/11/13

Asia Map Quiz

A quiz on countries and bodies of water in Asia.

Human Rights Map Quiz

Australia Alaska Bolivia Oklahoma Bangladesh Central America Brazil Andes Canadian Arctic Panama New Zealand Chile Mexico Central African Republic Mexico Scandanavia Namibia Caribbean Niger Venezuela Argentina Beijing Botswana

South Asia (Mrs. Crawford 7th Grade Class)

Map quiz of the South Asian political and physical features.


Hinduism map quiz

India Cricket Grounds

Test your knowledge of India's famous cricket grounds. Can you identify 10 of these cricket grounds by placing the pin on the map. The closer you are to the location the more points you will get.

Western Europe

Quiz on Western Europe

Northern Countries of Africa

Can you name the largest Countries in Africa? The time limit isn't the fastest, but the retainment is a must! Have fun!

Geography 333 Locations #1 midterm

Study guide for Geo 333 locations #1

Medieval Geography Quiz

Middle East

Into the Wilderness

Place the following locations on the correct spot on the Sinai Peninsula.

SF Neighborhoods

SF neighborhoods

Seas of Turkey

Locate the seas around Turkey

U.S.A. Physical Features - Part 1

- All Bodies of Water (Except Rivers) (See part two for other features)

Swedish Cities (beginning)



Geo quiz VIII

Le monde francophone