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H130 World History I

For my world history class :)

geo quiz 1

Asia (East Asia)

geo quiz 2

South Central Asia

geo quiz 3

Southeast Asia

geo quiz 4

Latin America

asia quiz

45 places (land and water)

1st 20 European Countries

Know the World Quiz

World History/Global Cultures beginning of the year quiz.

Middle East

Middle East

Europe Art Hist

OU International Business World Map Quiz

For Cross Cultural Issues of Management.

map quiz 1

me testing the software

Countries of the World Quiz

Practice for your WHII World Countries Quiz

Mr. Thomas' Map Quiz

Minus the Rivers. Use easy. Make sure you are on satellite with the labels off.

HI 270 (601) Map Quiz for Modern Middle East History

This quiz has 20 questions including important cities, countries, and seas.

Ancient Greece

for EUH4401

Countries of the World

Madison HS WHII Quiz

HI 270 (601) Map Quiz Modern Middle East

This quiz is for the students of Dr. Khater's History of Modern Middle East at North Carolina State University.

AP Comparative Government Geography

55 countries