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Mountain Ranges of Spain

Clicking on the different mountain ranges of Spain.

Rivers of Spain

Click on the differenct rivers of Spain


ESL locations quiz

Former Soviet Union capital cities

Russia & former Soviet Union bodies of water

Russia Topographic

Countries surrounding Russia

Mideast Quiz

Spanish-Speaking Countries

The Seceded States

Click on the 11 states that seceded from the United States at the beginning of the Civil War.

The Continents

Click on the continents



Capitales de Uruguay

Capitales de la República Oriental del Uruguay. Reconocelas y ubícalas


La prima prova

Maine Towns

Towns in Maine.

Capitales Españolas

Las capitales de provincia españolas

Western United Sates Quiz

A quiz on the western states of the USA. From Montana in the north east to California, and Hawaii in the South west.

Southern United States Quiz

Test you knowledge of where the southern states are. The southern state range from Texas in the West and go as far north as Maryland.

Far Southeast Side Chicago neighborhood quiz

This quiz shows all of the neighborhoods south of about 79th and East of I94.

Chicago Southwest Side Neighborhood Quiz

A quiz of all of the neighborhoods that are considered to be in the southwest side of Chicago. The area is defined as south of 55, north of about 75th, and west of 94. source of the information is the official Chicago Neighborhood Map