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Mr. Vic Caribbean

For World Geography

map quiz 2

SA example

pol and phys

East Asia Physical Map

East Asia Physical Map Review

North and South Africa

South America Landforms and Physical Features

South America Landforms

Important Cities

Quizzes students on 28 of the most important world cities

Bible Quiz 1

For New Testament Exam

Major Cities of Asia [Marquette High School Standards]

22 Major cities of Asia as defined by Marquette High School geography course.

597 quiz

Random countries

World Map

Continents, oceans, 5 lines of latitude

AEGEE Contact Antennae - Spring 2012 - Golden Times Quiz

Pinpoint the location of the contact antennae in AEGEE! The closer you get, the more points you get! This quiz is brought to you by the Golden Times -

Africa Geography

Middle East Map Quiz

Know your locations on the Middle East Map quiz!

HST 108 Americas in the world map quiz

map quiz for Prof Wakild's Americas and the world HST 108 class

Mr Bartels

Practice quiz for the Western Europe Unit Test. This includes cities, physical features, and several small countries- rivers are not included.

Mr Bartels' Western Europe World Geo Map Quiz

Practice quiz for the Western Europe Unit Test. Several very small countries are included in the cities and physical features quiz.

POLI 363 Map 1

POLI 363 Map 2

POLI 363 Map 3