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US 50 State Maps Game

locate all 50 state in the USA.

Unit 3 BTEC Travel map work - Gateways

Test your knowledge of historical and cultural towns in the UK.

AP World History Summer Assignment Map Quiz - Rivers

For WHHS AP World History students - To be used as a study guide for the map quiz we have during the first week of school. It's not the best-done quiz, but for our purposes it should suffice.

Landforms of Europe

Landforms of Europe

Ancient Greece

Unit 3 BTEC Travel map work - Capitals and countryside

Test your knowledge of UK capitals and countryside areas.

Countries near Syria

This map includes places that are currently the countries of origin for large numbers of refugees (Syria, Palestine, Yemen) and some of the countries where refugees resettle or pass through.

Regions of India

5 Different Regions Of India

Northwest Africa

Countries of Northwest Africa

Unit 3 BTEC Travel map work - Coastal areas

Test your knowledge on coastal resorts around the UK.

language family locations

This corresponds to the map on pages 146-147 in your text

East Asia 2 of 2

Mr Bartels' Western Europe World Geo Map Quiz

Practice quiz for the Western Europe Unit Test. Several very small countries are included in the cities and physical features quiz.

Landforms of Africa

Landforms of Africa

Oceans & Seas

AP World Map Quiz - Fall 2011

Northern Africa

Quiz of the countries of Northern Africa

North Carolina Geography Quiz: Expert

This is a harder and more thorough version of the previous North Carolina geography tests.

World History Final Review

MHS World History Finals

Eastern Africa

Countries of Eastern Africa

East Asia 1 of 2

East Asia