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physical features map quiz

ap human is stupid

Misc. Geography

Quiz for AP World History

World Bodies of Water and Basic Geography

volcanoes and mountain ranges

volcanoes and mountain ranges

Map Quiz

Pols 270

World Map

exam 1

Suck it moose

Good Luck


Random world geography

Foundations of Global Health Map Quiz



world since 1492 #2

yikes #2

AP Human Geography Chapter 3 States, Provinces, and Cities

This map contains: Alberta, British Columbia, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Manitoba, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Newfoundland, NW Territories, Nova, Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Yukon Territory, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Utah, etc

South and Central Asia

sub saharan africa- CITIES

The Seas around the Scandinavian Peninsula

Review for the first Norwegian Geography module

Europe City Quiz

Worlds Largest Deserts

14 deserts

World Cities Quiz

These are some of the major cities of the world

18 Norwegian Cities and Towns

The first ten of these Cities, and Towns, were chosen by the 2014 Trip Advisor User Survey as the 10 most interesting places in Norway. The rest were chosen by your Fearless Leader.